To achieve Quality for Pagnan means working with the awareness of the profound and delicate responsibility that includes not only customer satisfaction, but also the welfare and health of the final consumer.

Ours is a controlled chain managed at every stage. In this way we can ensure the supervision of hygiene requirements and the enhancement of product quality requirements.
Thanks to a conscientious and responsible management of the critical requirements in order to obtain quality and health safety we assure the consumer a higher value product in terms of health and transparency of information, while the traceability of the typical requirements of the product or of its origin enables the protection of the unique aspects of food.

In advance on the implementation of the European Regulation 178/2002, Pagnan has taken all the necessary procedures to ensure traceability, the ability to reconstruct the history of the product, involving all relevant actors from primary production to selling.

The company has developed various production processes in three establishments both historical (Crocetta del Montello), and recent constructions (Asolo). The staff is constantly trained/updated by leading Italian experts in the sector, so as to fully satisfy the demanding expectations of the Italian consumer.

Certification represents the choice of the company to voluntarily adhere to the international rules created to guarantee a high quality of processes and products. The company decided to undergo periodic checks by a certification body in the face of a reference standard.
Pagnan is in possession of the following certifications:

“BRC Global Food Standard” Vers.7 – GRADE A – The body representing the major British retailers, the “British Retailer Consortium ‘(BRC), has developed a Technical Standard in order to ensure safety, legality and quality of private label products, by imposing a systematic control of raw materials, semi-finished products, production environments and resources involved in the processes.

IFS Food Vers. 6 – HIGHER LEVEL – The Standard IFS “International Food Standard” is an international standard shared by the agri-food supply chains of large-scale distribution of the Central European countries (Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany). It aims to facilitate the effective selection of food vendors for large-scale retail channel brands, based on their ability to provide safe products, in conformance with the specifications and requirements of the law.

Organic certification – Organic agriculture is a production method aimed to the respect of human and animal health and the protection of environmental biodiversity that promotes a sustainable development model for the preservation of the environment and of the territory and the enhancement of the quality. The company has been certified since 2012 by the Certification body Bios Srl.

The Green Number of Pagnan is available to consumers from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18. The client can receive information about the quality of the products and find answers to questions and curiosity. The green number is not assigned to an external call-center, but is managed by our internal qualified personnel.