Pagnan establishments are equipped with cutting edge plants.

IQF freezers

Individually quick frozen is the technology that allows to freeze in a few minutes every single vegetable without adhesions between slices or cubes. This involves a considerable advantage for the consumer  who can freely cook the desired quantity of product and store the rest in the freezer.

IQF Cryogenic Freezers

The cryogenic freezers are used for the preparation with high value-added products. This technology uses temperatures that can reach -150 ° celsius thus allowing to obtain products of high quality.


In our factories, we have included high-tech washing and cutting systems, we do not use chemicals in the product washing water.


In our plants are installed high speed packaging systems, which allow to pack the product in a few seconds.


all logistics processes are monitored and controlled by a computer, which records every movement of the product from the entrance through to delivery to the customer.


each utility, water, electricity and gas are monitored through an integrated system. This allows the management of consumption and the elimination of waste.